Digital X-Rays

Flagstaff dentists Dr. Bacon and Dr. Lerud have a new, state of the art digital x-ray system. The difference between traditional film x-rays and new digital x-rays are night and day.Film x-rays had to be analyzed with a magnifying glass in order to see the details.

Flagstaff Dentist Film X-Ray

Digital x-rays are displayed on a computer screen. One tooth can be magnified 20X and maintain quality resolution.

Not all digital x-ray systems are the same. Some offices use systems that show x-rays like this:

Flagstaff Dentist Digital X-RayFlagstaff Dentist Digital X-Ray

With our Dexis digital x-ray system and the enhancement tools therein,x-rays are so clear that even the patient can see decay. We will enlarge your tooth’s image to the size of a computer screen and show you details about your teeth.

Flagstaff Dentist Digital X-Ray Flagstaff Dentist Digital X-Ray Enhancement
Our Dexis Digital X-Ray System
with Enhancements make decay visible
for patients. The dark spots are decay
between the teeth.
Flagstaff Dentist Digital X-Ray Enhancement