Cold Sore Treatment

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  • Cold sores – Dr. Bacon and Dr. Lerud believe this to be the biggest breakthrough for non-medicinal treatment of cold sores ever!  If layered at the very beginning** of a cold sore breakout, lasers can reduce pain and healing time of your cold sore.  A diode laser (we use an iLase) is focused about 10mm from the cold sore.  The treatment continues until the area feels less sensitive and the dentist is able to get about 3mm from the cold sore.  We never physically touch the cold sore.  A high speed suction is used in conjunction with the laser.  The energy from the laser kills the virus and in turn makes the spot much less painful.  The procedure itself is painless (actually it feels good!). The cold sore often never returns to that location on your lip. Patients that have received this treatment are ecstatic and we our looking forward to making this treatment more known in the future.


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**Important Note: Call our office at the very beginning of the breakout or the treatment is not very effective