New Downtown Flagstaff Dental Office 

As of April 10, 2015 we are now located at 323 N. Leroux St. #100, just north of the heart of downtown Flagstaff and part of Flagstaff‘s historic district! We are open for business with Stowell, Blane and Bacon and the best staff in Flagstaff, promising the same exceptional patient care we have provided for over 25 years.


We had our OPEN HOUSE on June 18, 2015 and many of our patients attended.  Catered by the Cottage Place Restaurant and entertained by Steve Morrissey’s Jazz Band, a good time was had by all!

The new office has been a combination of remodeling the 100 year old home and adding on space to provide 10 modern dental operatories. We did everything within our power to preserve the old structure’s original design and even did a few things (like restoring the old second floor balcony) to return some of the architecture to the original 1917 structure.  The new addition was designed to mirror the original features and patients frequently are unsure if they are in the old or new part of the structure.

Please feel free to come visit our new home even if it is not yet time for your dental check-up!

Where? Situated in Flagstaff‘s historic district at 323 N. Leroux St. (Just 2 blocks north of downtown Flagstaff). The existing historic Flagstaff house was built in 1917. It has been a home, a fraternity house, a law office and now a dental office with additional businesses.

What? We have added on to the south side of the first floor. The new construction will  accommodate our modern dental technology and the historic part will serve as waiting room and reception area.

When? We moved in on April 10,  2015.

Why? Our parking lot at our  902 Beaver St office along with the size has been “very tight” for some time. There will be over 20 parking spots and a lot more room for treatment in our new dental office. We picked this spot as it still has the “homey” feel of our old dental office while providing some much needed space.

Construction is complete!! We are getting really excited and will post updates on our Facebook page.  Check out the latest photos from the construction!


We have moved into our new Flagstaff dental office! The existing building is 4 levels when including the basement. This 100 year old building is now in it’s next phase: A dental office. It was a home originally to the Kochs (rhymes with “Cokes”). Mr. Koch ran the mill for the Riordans. It then spent many years as the home to the Bledsoe’s, a family of 5. The maid lived downstairs and the Bledsoes were hosts to individual room renters as well. There were also slot machines and poker in the basement! (The basement now has a slightly less exciting use as a residential apartment now that the remodel is finished) The house was then transformed into a frat house and was host to Sigma Pi of Northern Arizona University from 1967-1971. One can just imagine all the stories there. It was later the law office of Hufford and Horstman. The attic was remodeled into a very attractive business area with fantastic views. It was later sold to 2 lawyers and a contractor from whom Dr. Bacon purchased the building in 2014. The basement and the first floor have been extended southward to allow for ten modern dental operatories on the first floor and an as a yet to be determined business below it. The original basement has been remodeled for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment and is being occupied by an Army Recruiter. The original first floor is now the reception area, waiting room, staff room and laboratory for Dr. Bacon’s dental practice. The second floor, which used to be the bedrooms for the Bledsoe family, is office space for 3 Flagstaff businesses. The attic is currently an engineering firm. Lastly, the Carriage house has been converted into a cute Studio Apartment. It was with great effort from Dr. Bacon working with the City of Flagstaff that the new addition blends nicely with the original building.  There are over 20 parking spots behind the new office as well as on street parking. (Good luck with that). We have been up and running since April!

UPDATE:  We have now been in our new Flagstaff dental office for over a year!  All the “problems” have been ironed out and things are running very smoothly.  We have 3 hygienists working every day for patient convenience.  Plenty of space and room to give are patients the attention and time they deserve.  Road construction continues on Leroux St. Hopefully it will be done before the main tourist season begins.  We have access from Dale St. so not much of a problem for our dental office. 

To make an appointment at our downtown Flagstaff office, call Flagstaff Downtown Dental Office Phone Number 928-774-1168 today!