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Bonding is an alternative to veneers, and can be used as a restorative procedure for teeth that are chipped, cracked, discolored or mis-arranged.

How does it work?

The tooth is prepared for the procedure by lightly etching the surface with 35% phosphoric acid (a weak acid)  and applying a bonding liquid. Once the liquid sets, a plastic resin is applied and sculpted into the desired shape by the dentist. This sculpting is very technical and requires both a good eye and exceptional manual dexterity from the dentist to achieve the optimal esthetic result. Once set, the resin is trimmed, smoothed and polished to a natural appearance.


The bonding procedure can often be completed in a single office visit, and can improve the appearance of a tooth significantly. However, since the plastic resin used is not as strong as your natural tooth enamel, it is more likely to stain, chip or break than natural teeth. Bonding typically lasts three to five years before need of repair. Bonding is ideal for a less expensive alternative to porcelain veneers.

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