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Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Services in Flagstaff

woman receiving laser treatmentSoft tissue lasers have significantly improved the way the skilled dentists at Flagstaff Downtown Dental perform a number of advanced procedures. By replacing the traditional scalpel procedure with laser dentistry, we’re able to reduce bleeding and discomfort during treatment and significantly reduce healing time following the procedure. Some examples of interesting ways we’re incorporating soft tissue lasers into daily practice include:

Soft tissue lasers make a number of treatments more comfortable and effective. However, they have mainly been incorporated to allow us to offer more effective gum disease treatments. In the early stages, gum disease can be completely overlooked by patients. The initial stages of the disease have few warning signs, so it’s important that patients visit our team regularly for screenings. However, once periodontal disease reaches the advanced stages, laser dentistry allows us to quickly and comfortably remove damaged tissue and restore the smile to complete health. Because the laser doesn’t create sores or irritation the way that manual tools can, gums heal more quickly, which reduces the risk for further advancement of the disease.

Laser Gingivectomy Video

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