Why Choose Us?

Reasons to choose Stowell, Blane and Bacon‘s downtown Flagstaff office:

  •  Our number one priority is to make sure each individual is cared for in a personal manner.
  • We have a very caring and experienced staff.
  • With over 20 years of experience in Flagstaff, you can count on consistent, successful, predictable results.
  • Stowell, Blane and Bacon listen to what you want and will communicate with you making sure you understand everything prior to providing care.
  • We are a happy office. We have worked together for years and strive to assure each patient a comfortable experience.
  • Stowell, Blane and Bacon‘s dental office is prevention-oriented. If not already in good dental health, they know what to do to get you there and maintain your health to minimize future needs. Many patients that came in with multiple problems now visit just to get their teeth cleaned and seldom are in need of more dental work.
  • When removing old fillings, our office uses a rubber dam. A rubber dam is a physical barrier between your teeth and the rest of your mouth and throat. It serves to keep your teeth dry for the highest quality, least sensitive filling and to keep anything removed from or added to your tooth from being ingested. This is very important considering some old fillings have mercury in them that should not be consumed. This is important to the patient’s health as there are some chemicals that are best not swallowed.
  • Stowell, Blane and Bacon have no student loan debt. This means to you as a patient that his primary concern is your dental health. Some dentists try to do everything “in-house.” We will refer you to a specialist whenever you are better served there.
  • Stowell, Blane and Bacon are constantly complimented by patients about their injections. By allowing the anesthetic to soak into an area in small doses, it is much more comfortable for the patient.
  • Stowell, Blane and Bacon and their hygienists wear loupes, which magnify their field of vision over 3 times, allowing them the detail that provides excellent quality dentistry.
  • The staff at Stowell, Blane and Bacon‘s office is very knowledgeable, averaging over 10 years of experience in dentistry.  There is a very low turnover rate of employees at Stowell, Blane and Bacon‘s office.
  • The front office files your dental insurance for you. We are willing to wait for the insurance company’s payment so that you only have to pay the uncovered portion.
  • We are skilled at dealing with insurance companies and do the necessary follow ups when they don’t pay on a claim that we feel they should have. Insurance compliance is an ever-increasing problem, as they sometimes deny payment for no apparent reason.
  • Our patients consistently compliment our office on the low stress level that one feels during their visit. Low stress from the dentist and staff transmit to the patient, making their visit more relaxed.
  • A desensitizer is placed under each filling or crown to help minimize post-op sensitivity.
  • Nitrous oxide and conscious sedation are available for individuals in need.
  • Over 20 years of experience with cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Bacon’s 1st veneer case was in 1988 (on his college room mate) and they are still good as new! Dr. Bacon placed veneers on his own teeth. Some of his cases are present in our photos on this web site.!
  • We use state-of-the-art techniques. Composites NOT amalgam!
  • We have the most powerful curing lights and have fine tuned techniques that decrease the amount of time you sit in the chair.  No marathons at Stowell, Blane and Bacon‘s office!
  • Stowell, Blane and Bacon are always on call & available for patients of record who are current with treatment.
  • We always have 2-3 hygienists, so we can see family members at the same time. A family doesn’t have to waste their whole day at the dental office.
  • We value your time and strive hard to run on schedule. We are well organized and are constantly complimented on how well our dental team all work together for the patient’s benefit.
  • All of our hygienists have 4 year bachelor degrees from Northern Arizona University. Many hygienists do not have this level of education. (Just so you know, your local University has one of the best dental hygiene programs in the United States.)
  • We see entire families including children too!
  • We offer the exam & cleaning in one appointment, eliminating the need for 2 separate appointments.
  • We are not a corporation. We are the one and only downtown Flagstaff dental office. There are no profits going to corporate headquarters and no CEO telling us what materials to use or fees to charge. We love our Northern Arizona patients and they are our one and only!
  • Stowell, Blane and Bacon pay for continued education for all staff.
  • Convenience! Appointments are available Monday-Friday, starting at 6;30 A.M.
  • Location! Downtown Flagstaff. We have plenty of parking and are handicap accessible !
  • We are proud to refer you to our Google Business Listing page to read patient reviews. (5 stars!)
  • Voted Best Dentist Office by readers of Flagstaff Business News 2014
  • Voted Best Dentist In AZ Daily Sun’s “Best of Flagstaff 2015″
  • Flagstaff Downtown Dental Voted Best Cosmetic Dental Office by readers of Flagstaff Business News 2016

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