Don’t Lose This Year’s Dental Benefits; See Your Dentist in Flagstaff Now!

Paying for dental insurance can save you hundreds of dollars each year when it comes to taking care of your mouth – but that’s only if you take advantage of the benefits! For patients with plans that run on the calendar year, time is running out to utilize any remaining dental dollars by visiting the dentist in Flagstaff. Read on to learn why using dental insurance is so important and what you can do to maximize said benefits.

Why Do You Need to Use Your Dental Benefits?

Dental plans set aside a certain amount of money each year for your oral care; the carrier will provide a certain amount of coverage for different services meant to prevent dental health issues and fix existing problems such as cavities. Most plans operate on a calendar year and reset at the end of January. At that point, the company will keep any unused money. That means you’ll lose your benefits unless you use them!

In addition to taking full advantage of the coverage you’ve already paid for, maximizing your dental benefits will also help you save money in the following ways:

  • For patients who have already met their deductible, having a treatment done before the end of the year will reduce the amount they have to pay out of pocket.
  • In general, it is better for your dental health to receive treatment sooner rather than later. Tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health issues will not improve if ignored; eventually you might end up paying for services such as tooth extraction.
  • You typically need to pay a certain amount for dental services in addition to what your insurance coverage. Since dental rates sometimes go up at the beginning of the year, making an appointment now may mean you end paying less.

How Can Dental Benefits Be Used?

The easiest way to use dental insurance is to schedule a checkup. Have you had two examinations and cleanings this year? Many plans will completely cover the cost of such visits. In the long run, these appointments help prevent plaque buildup and allow your dentist to take care of oral health threats in their earliest stages.

Some dental treatments are done in stages and thus require multiple appointments. In these situations, you can begin the treatment before the end of the year so that you use your current benefits. Once your plan resets, you’ll have next year’s full annual maximum available to help pay for the rest!

You have until December 31st to use any remaining dental benefits. Don’t let the savings you’ve paid for go to waste; call your dentist today and ask about the best way to use your plan to protect your pearly whites.