How to Avoid Needing an Emergency Dentist in Flagstaff This Summer

Summer is here, and your children are probably excited for the break from school and the big family outings coming up. Unfortunately, all the extra activity and excitement can make it more difficult to make sure they’re eating right and keeping up a good oral hygiene routine. Your summer plans probably don’t include dealing with dental emergencies, so here are 6 tips for making sure your family’s teeth are well-protected.

1. Get Your Checkups Now

Many parents wait until August to schedule dental checkups, but it may actually be best to have those appointments as soon as school is out. Your children’s dentist in Flagstaff can make sure their teeth are clean and healthy just before things get hectic.

2. Have Plenty of Healthy Snacks

With the kids home, there’ll be much more opportunity for snacking, and a summer filled with too much candy and other sugary foods can easily lead to tooth decay. Fill up on fruits and vegetables; apples and carrots can be particularly good choices as they can help clean the teeth while they’re being chewed. Cheese sticks and yogurt are also healthy options.

3. Make Sure Everyone’s Taking Care of Their Teeth

When your kids are taking a break from their regular routine, it can be easy for them to forget about their oral hygiene. Always remind them to brush after breakfast and before bed, and make sure they don’t forget to floss. For family trips, always pack extra toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes.

4. Get a Mouthguard for the Athletes of the Family

If anyone in your family is playing on a team this summer, there’s always a chance of suffering an injury to the mouth. For this reason, it’s important to get a mouthguard as a precaution. This is especially true for kids with braces, which could be very expensive if damaged.

5. Put Safety First at the Pool

There are all kinds of accidents that can happen at the pool. Your kids could bump into the edges and break their front teeth, or they could easily fall while running on slippery surfaces. Take the time to explain pool safety rules to your kids and make sure they understand; you should also supervise them closely and watch out for potentially dangerous behaviors.

6. Be Prepared

Cavities and damage to the teeth can still occur despite your best efforts, and it always pays to be prepared for the worst. Put together an emergency dental kit with the essentials such as gauze, handkerchiefs, saline solution, a small container with a lid, ibuprofen and – in particular – the contact information for your emergency dentist in Flagstaff.

With the right precautions and a reminder of the best habits, you and your family can enjoy a fun-filled summer without having to worry about a decline in oral hygiene.