Your Dentist in Flagstaff Offers 3 Ways to Get Your Summer Smile

When you walked outside this morning, you probably noticed the cloudless blue sky and warmer-than-usual weather. Summer’s just around the corner and you’re excited to get out of the house and start making plans with your friends. You’d also like to meet new people and make a great first impression once you start going out more often and want to make a good first impression. Flashing a remarkable smile just may do the trick! Read on to see what 3 treatment options your dentist in Flagstaff recommends for an impressive grin.

Dental Implants

When you’re on the beach enjoying a sunny day with your friends, the last thing you want to worry about is how your smile looks in photos or rethinking your decision when you pick up a piece of corn on the cob. Dental implants in Flagstaff don’t only improve your smile aesthetically, but they improve your oral health as a whole.

If you are faced with losing one or multiple teeth, they may be the best bet to repair your smile. The procedure involves having titanium posts surgically placed below your gum line. These posts fuse with your jawbone to provide a stable foundation for your crowns, bridges, or dentures to be attached to. Some benefits of implants include:

  • Because they replace the entire tooth structure, they allow for a more natural-feeling and looking restoration.
  • Better stability compared to other replacement options that rely on suction.
  • Improved oral health because the post mimics the root of your tooth which allows for healthy gum tissue and bone growth.
  • Dental implants last longer than other restorations.

Implants can boost your self-confidence by giving you a natural-looking and healthy smile that’s ready for summer.

Porcelain Veneers

If you feel overwhelmed or unhappy with your current smile, veneers can provide you with the transformation you’re looking for. Porcelain veneers are custom-crafted shells that are placed over the top of your natural tooth to cover up chips, cracks, or discoloration.

Typically, it takes a couple of appointments before your veneers are placed. During the first visit, your dentist will prepare your natural tooth by removing a small amount of enamel, so your veneers create a seamless smile and won’t look clunky or jut out when they’re applied. They’ll then take impressions of your teeth that will be sent off to a lab to create your veneers.

After a couple of weeks, you’ll come in for your next visit where your dentist will ensure that your new veneers are shaded and fit to match the rest of your smile. Once they’re bonded, all your chipped, cracked, and discolored teeth will be transformed into a bright and healthy smile.

Teeth Whitening

If you are looking to just brighten your smile, professional teeth whitening is a fast, inexpensive, and effective cosmetic procedure. At your consultation, you can speak to your dentist about achieving the desired brightness for your summer smile. They’ll then take impressions of your teeth to mold custom-crafted bleaching trays that you will fill with a whitening agent. Within a few days, you’ll already start to notice results.

This summer, a beach body isn’t your most important quality— it’s your smile! Get out there and meet friends with your new attractive look. Investing in yourself is the best kind of investment you can make!